Camera tips for OnlyFans

I hope you can give me tips or any ideas on what’s the best camera for filming content. I want to invest on good camera if I want to take this seriously. I’d like to give my fans the best experience. I don’t want them to regret following me on onlyfans. And what editing tools do you recommend to use? I’m not so techie so I don’t much about editing. I hope someone can suggest on a program or tool that is beginner user friendly.

I was just using my iPhone when I first started. It’s not the best quality but it still does the job. I upgraded by buying Canon EOS RP when I was earning enough.

It really depends on what type of content you post. But generally, mirrorless cameras are recommended for content creation.

i am currently using my iPhone. the quality is fine with me and i think my fans aren’t bothered by it so i didn’t invest yet to buy a new one.

iPhone 11 Pro works well already for me. The camera is quality and other features are worth every penny. :ok_hand:

If you look at my header photo on my profile, I used my phone I phone 11 x pro max and used the editor that’s built into the phone! You just need to set a timer get a good background and good qualitie and your set for life! I also have a photographer but she’s busy right now, so I had to compromise! Lighting is essential!