Having a hard time getting subscribers I’m sad I even have discounts

I seriously don’t know what to do I think my content is okay I offer a lot of services through PPV I’m just struggling I want loyal subscribers, :joy: getting sad been promoting day and night I want fetish friendly subscribers too… #onlyfans


Hey - looking for new flow of subscribers?
I can help you!
Feel free to PM me any time :wink:
And don’t stay sad :grinning:


How long have you been on OnlyFans? Just be patient :slight_smile:

Try advertising on all social media sites, with love @sexysinnott

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Could you give an update on your experience with OF please? Did you manage to make it grow?

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Hi I can help you I work as only fans chat moderator I can promote your page on snap chat ig, twitter

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Can you promote me on snapchat please?

Hi All, My name is Jessica and I’m very new to this Forum. I just created an OnlyFans Page about a month ago and also struggling to get subscribers. I have a YouTube Channel which is getting some popularity and gaining each day. I paid for the $99 promotion on Follower but don’t think the order has been completed yet. Would appreciate any suggestions on getting more subscribers.


Hi Jessica - we’ve just replied to your email. Your order has been successful and your ad is live. More details in your email.

Hopefully, we’ll have some more replies to your thread from other creators who can give you some helpful tips on improving your page exposure.

Have you tried reaching out to other similar creators and asking for shoutouts?

Thank You for your response. No I have not reached out to other creators for Shoutouts. How would I proceed ?

Thanks for helping out

You could first try on Twitter. DM them and ask if they’re willing to RT you or post you on their fan page timeline, either for free or for a set amount.


Hi I am new to this And not sure what to do can u help me please x

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hey ! i need help with promoting onlyfans if you’d message me on snapchat! anna.silcott

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Could you help me please xx

Id love the help? I just downloaded this so not to aure how to use it i paid for the ad but it was never posted

I can definitely help you. Overall look over can be quick show ways things your audience wants

I would appreciate some help and maybe some tips on onlyffans

I know the feeling. I’ve been doing the same :frowning:

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I need followers. Thank you posting this… how do we get started?

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