How do I show my booty and hole for 5 min straight?

He asks me to spend five minutes spreading my cheeks as per the norm. He answered no when I inquired whether he wanted me to do anything else. Then I just mentioned I can reveal my :cat: and asshole by pulling my thong to the side. Then I just mentioned that he wants me to wink with a close-up a few times. How wonderful do I make these last five minutes? Please help.

LOL, I have had someone with a similar demand. Why do they all yearn to see our spread assholes? In any case, avoid obsessing too much over it. Regarding what they want, the ass guys are often really passionate. If you feel really uncomfortable, take a short pause every 30 to 60 seconds. Add sprinkles of “do you like that?”". I pretend I’m an NPC in a video game with timed idling animations while I’m making odd or overly long requests like this :laughing:

Just drink or :mushroom: & 5 minutes will be enjoyable & flyyyy if you’re dreading it LOL What I would do: Make him 3 or 4 5min movies, then blow his ppvs up with more content than he’s asked for, for him to swoon over — and voila, you get paid extra and most likely win a lifer of a sub!

With a thong, oil, spanking, shaking, winking, spreading, rocking back and forth, and then try new positions, rinse, and repeat. Standing, doggie style, on your side.

The NPC part made me rotfl :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Same here haha that was a good one

I had the same request and he said I didn’t really wink it :laughing::pleading_face::rofl: I tried my best :joy:

Say you’re doing that butt hole tanning craze.

Hehe, this is really funny! In my opinion, I would set up an iPad, watch a video for five minutes, and then just “wink my ass” every thirty seconds or so. Alternatively, you could apply a slow, horror-style zoom to it.

Stick to your boundaries and just say no

Just leave it open, yet desirable.

Tell him IF that were to ever happen, your cost will be HIGH, and there is absolutely no time frame for that happening that you can control. Don’t bother me about it, I’ll let you know first if that ever happens. In the meantime let’s move onto subjects that you can control :kissing_heart: