Mature Gentleman (over 50), "Dad" Average....Do I Have a Chance?

Like the title says…do I have a chance to make a little/some money (yep I know you haven’t seen me)…or is it strictly an age reality…younger, hotter, harder will only work for men?

One more question please, Content Question:

Positives for Me:

  1. Very nice size dick…so adult content will happen…but again, average bod looks.
  2. REALLY good knowledge of swinging, nudism, BDSM (50 Shades), and dating.
  3. VERY successful dater, yep just average looks (not serial looking for the one) several reasons why but honestly/exciting profile are the two main reasons.

Can I weave those together to make decent content or do I stick with adult?

Thank you for listening to my ramblings…

Anyone can make some money on OF as long as you do your marketing right. You have to promote your account to the right audience. There are people who really are into “dad bods”. So go for it. :love_you_gesture: :muscle:

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Pursue what you want and what you are comfortable doing. I also have a dad bod but for now, I’m only a fan/subscriber. Don’t have the couragr yet to start my own account. Mostly because my partner doesn’t want me to make videos. But if I were you, I would do what I want.

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You can go through all the content ideas that you would like to make. Try if your fans would have a positive response with those contents. What’s important is you enjoy what you do.

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You certainly have a chance with that dad bod that you have! A lot of people right now have daddy issues so I think they will be your target audience. Go for it :fist_left:

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Lilly thank you so much, what you wrote (as well as others above) sealed the deal for me and I am going to go for it. Thank you!. :fist_right:

Thank you to all of you also, I actually said as much to response to each of you…but being new here I wrote them from my alerts on my email thinking they would post like most other sites, my bad.

Thank you again!

All bodies are beautiful, and everyone likes certain “types” everyone has a chance keep your head up boy build that confidence