Subscription fee

How much should I charge for the monthly subscription fee? OnlyFans will take 20% then I was thinking I’d start charging $14.99 per month. But I see a lot of people that are just starting who only charge $10 per month. Can someone give an advice on what’s a good subscription fee for a beginner I guess?

If you aren’t an influencer and don’t have a big social media following, it’s better to start with the minimum subscription fee of $4.99 per month.

You should set your subscription price based on the market for the content you usually post. Look at what other similar creators are charging. You should look at several and come up with a range.

The type of content that you are planning to post will be a factor. The more explicit your content will be, the higher price it should be.

Always set your subscription fee based on the market for the content you offer like what @bacar99553 said.

I can mostly see $10 subscription fee from Onlyfans models. You can start from there.

Even Bella Thorne who is a celebrity only has a $4.99 monthly fee. Though it’s easier for her to set it at that rate because she has lots of subscribers.

The last time I heard, Cardi B also has $4.99 subscription fee.

It’s kinda unfair because they set their subscription fee at a low rate. It will be harder for other creators who have $10 or more as their fee to get more subscribers. As they said, the rich and famous stole OnlyFans from other creators.