Tiktok promotion allowed?

TikTok is huge right now. It launched the same year as OnlyFans. Content creators usually use the platform to promote their OF page. Officially, TikTok doesn’t support any kind of sexualized content, and you will get banned if you have posts reported due to being too risky. But I read on some forums that other OF creators promote on Tiktok. Is that even allowed? Do you have tips on how to promote on TikTok?

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It’s not technically allowed to promote OF on TikTok but it’s still possible. You can read this article to help you on that → TikTok And OnlyFans - Follower.

Though personally I haven’t used my TikTok yet because my friends and family follow me. I’m considering to make a different account for the sole purpose of promotion.

Tiktok “doesn’t allow content that commits, promotes, or glorifies sexual solicitation or allow accounts that attempt to redirect traffic.” If they notice that you are promoting OF, you might be banned in the platform. I know a few OF content creators who were banned quite a few times already. Be as sneaky and subtle about it as you can be. Use vague hashtags like #of. Just make sure to not spell out OnlyFans. Also, ban children or minor who interact with you on the platform.

First thing that you need to do is to make a separate account for the promotion of your OF because you don’t want to let people who know you to see that you have an OF account. Unless you wouldn’t mind doing that. And if you want to stay anonymous, consider not showing your face also on your TikTok account. It will be harder for you to promote, but it’s still possible. The best way is to copy trends but make them sexier.Do not mention OF. Just use hashtags that can be related to OF.

I guess promotion on Tiktok is still allowed because I follow some of them on my account. But i didn’t start promoting on the platform yet.

Hey everybody!
I can offer you some other sources for promotion with 18+ audience :wink:
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Me too. I don’t want to be banned.

I’ve never used tiktok. Any good? , with love @sexysinnott