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kinda new here… before I sign up, I just want to know what makes it better to normal adult content? why do people prefer OF now compared to other sites that were already pretty popular before…I still don’t get it why it suddenly became popular even though porn was already a booming industry…

Basically, OnlyFans allows creators to charge users a monthly or pay-per-view fee to access content. I’m not sure if other adult sites offer that to their users. I haven’t tried paying to access videos when I use other sites.

Just read this on reddit where they compared OF vs PH.

"No. Just No.

Pornhub is shitty for models. You’re paid very small amounts based on your views and the amount paid is tied to their ad revenue.

It has a large number of free viewers but they largely don’t convert and buy actual clips (which is where the money is).

It’s kind of similar why sales have no correlation to social media followers. Low quality (ie non-spending) contacts don’t convert."

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Thanks for the response…from what I understood, other sites gain their revenue through the ads…

I agree with this…you can actually view a lot of videos on PH without paying anything…

I get this. Most people who go to other adult sites just watch free videos and don’t even give tips or subscribe to channels. Maybe only 10 to 20% of viewers convert.

Yah, I mean why do you need to pay there if there are a lot of free videos in their site in the first place? Unlike with OF, you only get to see the content if you pay for it so content creators won’t have a loss.

Have you also heard about AVN?

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