Who among you doesn't engage in customs, sexting, chatting, etc.?

I’m a really “in my own world” kind of person. I can easily go weeks without speaking to anyone by myself. To be healthy, I actually require relatively little social interaction. In an ideal world, I would spend four hours a week, or every other week, hanging out with a friend. I don’t require any more social contact. An exemption may apply to a love partner.

I adore coming up with material. I adore creating things. I adore being promoted. I adore graphic content. I’m passionate about it.

Requests and expectations are increasing in tandem with the growth of my following. People desire to talk. People want to text and live. I detest customs, yet people crave them. Since it’s kind of a part of our company, I’ve been doing it and giving it a shot. But I find that it exhausts me. I detest it. Responding to occasional small talk while chatting can be enjoyable at times, but all other requests make me feel anxious and horrible.

In an ideal world, I would only concentrate on producing material, perhaps respond to teasing messages sometimes, and perhaps create a custom for noteworthy occasions.

I can do whatever the hell I want with my business, but I basically just worry if other people out there are doing the same thing and aren’t getting paid for it. What background do you have?

Though I have limits, I chat because I believe it’s the only thing that truly sets OF apart from porn sites. I prioritize relationships with people who truly help me financially over those who are VIPs, long-term subscribers, discounted subscribers, etc.

I give more if they pay, but they aren’t strictly “customs.” When someone is generous with money, I send them whatever I feel like sending after getting to know them and learning about their interests.

I detest customs. Too many men think I want to haggle, like to dangle carrots, want me to cut prices, and want me to back out of deals after providing thorough justifications. Now, I charge them for consultations.

Instead of wasting time on customs, that time could be better utilized for attracting new followers or engaging with those who already make a payment. It is not worth the time.

In my opinion, none of the extras are required. Alternatively, you may determine the price at which it would be profitable for you. For customs, I charge $12 per minute, with a five-minute minimum. However, I’m considering raising the minimum to ten minutes.

Strongly connect. You and I are alike.

I don’t just sit on the website and go back and forth; I also respond to casual conversations. Usually, a few hours later, they receive an answer.

I have to create something that will last for me, I tell myself. Yes, that can mean leaving money on the table, but that’s all right. The adage “build it and they will come” is well known. Although it usually has to do with creating habitats for wildlife, this also makes a great slogan, hehe.

Edit: Oh, and I always request the entire amount of custom money up front! I also request one week for delivery. I have not had any problems with it!

And I’m the type of person who gets bored easily after a week of socializing. I haven’t yet gotten into lives, customs, or sexting. I doubt my ADHD would be pleased if I engaged in more socializing.

Right now, I only update once a week and have a few demands on my time. been thinking about how to manage the prospective surge of customers, particularly if they desire such a high level of personalization.

I’ve read that being able to set aside time and have a timetable for conversations is incredibly helpful. Additionally, it’s your market and business.

Could you promote yourself as the ultimate introvert? :smirk: Not everyone has the time or energy to meet the demands of the general public.

I offer free chat services and charge a relatively high fee for customs services, despite my established status. I stopped sexting after about four months because I really detested it. Thank goodness, my PPV portfolio is now such that I don’t receive many bespoke requests.

I have the exact same emotions. I’ve always assumed that, since I don’t crave social interaction, something must be wrong with me. All I want to do after hanging out with friends is go home, curl up with my dogs, and either read a book or play video games. I appreciate that you’ve given me hope that perhaps I’m not as weird as I thought. <3

To address your inquiry, however, I do not provide private live performances or sexting services. I do provide customs, but they are quite time-consuming and exhausting.