A free page is an unappreciated job

I got to this conclusion after deciding to go from a free page to a premium page. Yes, my fan base has shrunk. However, ladies, it’s really awesome when you have regular men who will pay to visit you on subscription services. Yes, some people pay to follow and to remain invisible for a period of one month. However, the same thing happens when you have a free page and a freeloader subscribes to you, secretly grabbing your photographs and earning you nothing. Furthermore, I believe that even the most frugal person will be able to afford the monthly minimum subscription! Furthermore, anyone who visited without paying are undeserving of anything, not even a free peek at a lingerie photo. I wish you all the best of luck!

For free pages to be successful, they need to continuously produce videos for drip sexting, PPV, upselling with customs, etc. Since they have previously signed up as onlyfans and are therefore more likely to make a purchase than social media fans, they are essentially an improvement over social media promos, even though you are still advertising to them on your feed. As a very rough estimate, you should expect 1-6% of free fans to make a purchase on a free page. They need more work to set up than a sponsored page and are not very beginner-friendly, unless someone has their head screwed on, but they can be quite profitable—sometimes even more so than paid pages. Promotions are never the same as “giving stuff away for free.” Recognize that even though a large number of viewers may never purchase from you, their interaction and watching are still valuable. Always assume that just a tiny percentage of promotional interactions will result in a sale. It applies to all creators and businesses alike. Cast your promotional net broader and get as many views on your link as you can, rather than attempting to persuade a tiny group of individuals who are interacting to buy (when they were never going to be customers).