A good alternative to Amazon for sexy costume shopping

Hello, In my shopping experience, Amazon has a decent selection, but I don’t think they have everything. Are there any other, more reasonably priced websites that I might explore that could offer a better selection? I’m searching for any hot, specialized costumes and underwear. I’d appreciate any recommendations! :smirk:

I enjoy Yandy. They have sold me a number of costumes. Never received any grievances.

Aliexpress, Mobbunny, Victoria Secret, and Moeflavor! However, I highly suggest Moeflavor because it’s reasonably priced, of high quality, and comes in a wide variety of sizes and geeky styles.

In any case, AVOID USING TEMU! Their information is leaked online, and a great deal of people have been conned or had money taken by those who obtained their information from Temu Servers

have you ever tried Lovehoney?

The two that come to mind are Shein and Temu.