A spoiler fan wants to give me pricey items that my post office won't take

This fan is my biggest tipper/spoiler of the year. He offered to buy me an iPhone, but I turned him down because Apple won’t ship to P.O. Boxes. Now, he wants to send me a $2k chair, which I really want, but the same thing keeps happening: it won’t go to my post office because he needs my address, and I’m not willing to give it to him. Is there any option, or should I just accept the loss? It’s incredibly embarrassing that he doesn’t offer to send me the money so I can just go buy it myself, but I know he could be using the justification that he doesn’t trust the money will go there even if he knows in his heart that it will.

How does one find a sub like this, girlllllll? Go you! I’m so envious!

Throne or request a gift card. Apple gift cards are valid for phones in addition to other items.

I recently read a post saying you should never take a client’s phone directly since they can use it to spy on you and track you down. Place the gifts on Throne so he can buy them there and have them delivered right to you safely.

UPS mailbox. You will receive a text or email, and they will sign for it.

Create a throne account so that he can pay for the items. You can then decide whether to have the items delivered to your address or get payment so that you can purchase them yourself. The tipper is unaware of your choice in either case.