A sudden decrease in subscribers?

Has anyone else experienced a significant decline in subscribers over the past three weeks—I’m talking about five to ten new ones every day—that then abruptly ended this past weekend? I’m wondering if this is exclusive to me or if it has occurred to other creators as well. Right now, I only get one new sub every day.

Rises and falls are quite common. All you have to do is maintain your motivation and consistency while going through bad times!

No, you’re not by yourself. Even after seeing an increase, it’s normal for subscription rates to change.

All people have highs and lows. Family time, Christmas, birthdays, holidays, taxes, and other events may be the cause, but occasionally algorithms and marketing strategies are to blame. While some folks are having their slowest or worst day of the month, others are having their best day of the month financially. You seem to be doing well, so I have no doubt you’ll get back there :raised_hands:t3:.