Advice Regarding the Free Trial Link

I’m failing miserably with Instagram, but I keep trying, and I’m now starting to see some progress with my OF subs, averaging one or two per day. What do you think about providing a free link in my bio for a single day, promising to give a video if they subscribe and like my photos?

When I once offered a three-day free trial link, I got about fifty subscribers, but none of them decided to pay after the three days were over. A free trial will attract a large number of freeloaders. I believe using a discount code is preferable. A few subscribers have been converted from a $3 trial link to a $7.99+ subscription by me.

You can DM the new subscribers after completing the three-day trial link, which is rather simple to do. If you’ve had success with it, send a PPV and observe whether they are genuinely willing to spend money. After the offer, maybe you can turn a couple of them into paid subscribers! As I’m just getting started and creating content, I have a free trial offer right now :kiss: