All of this seems impossible

Right now I am really lost; it is difficult for me to inspire myself to do much for my only fans. I feel as though I am just running through the motions without understanding how to follow a comprehensive plan or strategy.

I know I should post more on my onlyfans and for promos; right now I’m hanging between 0 and 5, and it just feels not worth it.

Do you know of any ways to simplify things? Your method of organization is: Will things become better?

I say a couple times a week and devote most of your time to marketing and acquiring new subscribers. In my opinion, it’s more enjoyable to post when you have a lot of interaction and know that others are interested in your content. One finds it difficult when there are few. You also don’t have to execute a whole scene and a whole face of makeup. Pull your shirt up and reveal your tits in the mirror (if you’re nude on your page).

Having started five years ago, I still lack a plan. My part-time income is 1000–2000/month; if you’re conscientious, it may be 1000–2000/month; if not, you learn what works for you. I used to post often, get burned out, and vanish; I have PTSD and despair. Now the bar is considerably lower; accept that and value me for my appearance. The fans I do have will thank you.

I really appreciate your opinion; it’s good to know that one can make that type of money even with mental health issues. I have been going through it and find it to be quite difficult occasionally.

All of this makes it really enjoyable when more people subscribe, and you feel valued by them! Once I see some activity on my page, I believe I will start focusing, especially on marketing, and maybe the delight will return.

You’re not a lot; I struggled with the same thing when I had 25 or less. Once more people join you, the momentum starts to flow and it’s simpler; yet, even with 150–300 subs, I struggle! Maintaining that consistency is difficult, especially considering depression and other issues.

My BPD gets in the way of my motivation most days, therefore I feel like not producing enough content, but at the same time I want my followers to remain involved; it’s difficult for us with mental health issues and I’m sorry you’re going through.:heart:.

The reason you’re having trouble getting subscribers is that you don’t have a well-thought-out plan. Take a break, conduct research, develop a thorough business plan and goal, and then implement it. After that, you’ll notice outcomes.

Have been frequently doing this for ten years. I batch all of my work when I’m in the mood for it. Create a ton of material, plan it for every platform, and save some for later. After that, recuperate and carry on. Additionally, utilize productivity-enhancing applications. For example, I enjoy using Adobe Express for file conversions, Fangrowth for scheduling and captions, and Capcut for editing.

I understand; getting started is difficult. In my opinion, the best course of action is to try something, see if it works, and then make minor adjustments until it does. I’ve just been doing this for a month, and I already constantly switch up my routine. I suppose the secret to everything is perseverance. You’ll succeed if you persevere.

I wanted to stop by and let you know how much I relate to this. In this, you’re not alone! Every day, my fan base shrinks…