Any advice for a subscriber

Hey everyone! I just started using OF as a subscriber. I’m not sure on what subscriber’s do’s and don’ts are. Like how much is an average tip? Or do you have any tips on gestures that creators appreciate? Any advice from creators or subscribers will be welcome :grinning:

You seem kind because you really are concerned on the proper etiquette for subscribers. :grinning:

5 to 10$ is the average tip. Creators would appreciate it when subscribers don’t insist on meeting up. :sweat_smile: I had lots of my fans who keep on messaging me and telling me they would give a big tip when we’ll meet instead. So that’s the only thing that irks me so far.

Is meeting up not allowed in OnlyFans? I also have some of my fans who ask me to do meet ups.

Also a subscriber here :raised_hand: not a creator. I just give every now and then $5 tip. I personally don’t message them because my partner and I agreed that I can just watch their videos, not interact with the creators.

I personally love it when a fan talks to me like I’m a normal person. I have a few fans who I converse to regularly. And one thing that annoys me is getting spammed when I don’t reply right away. I also have a life outside onlyfans so it’s only normal that I’m not available 24 hours to reply immediately.

Receiving spammed messages will surely irk me, too. And creators don’t have the responsibility to reply right away. They can respond anytime they want. It’s their life and time.

I think you can get banned from just talking about meeting up. I believe if OF can detect ‘meet’ or ‘meeting’, there’s a possibility you can get suspended. Not 100% certain about this, I just don’t want to risk it.

Basically treat them with respect, respect what they do and don’t do and tipping is always a nice way to say that you like there content even if it’s not much! Check out my profile if you’d like. If your not looking to spend money there are free pages too, but even then people don’t make much unless they do PPV or get tips! Unless you have a huge following.

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