As a solo creator, is it realistic to earn $10,000 a month?

I have no desire to collaborate with other artists. All I want is to continue on my own path. However, I’ve only ever made a little over $5,000 in a single month. Do any independent artists earn roughly $10,000 each month? Is this an achievable objective?

Totally. There’s no limit to what people can make individually; I was making $20,000 a month just creating stuff by myself. There are probably creators out there who work with others and wish they could make the 5k, you did it by yourself :blush:

My closest friend earns about $20,000 every month. Though I’ve tried, I’m also unable to go there. However, it is entirely possible! She is really consistent. Has 5 Instagram accounts, 10–12 TikToks open at once, and performs a lot of reels.

yes it is realistic, I’ve been earning 12k a month as a solo creator, I started slow but eventually, my efforts paid off so continue your hard work and make your content worthwhile. it may be a slow start but you will also get there. I’m rooting for you!!!