Celebrities with OF

Hey there guys! Beginner OF user here. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
Can you suggest pages of celebrities with OF pages? I am currently subscribed to Cardi B. Her original subscription fee was $9.99. But after a while, she lowered it down to $4.99. Can’t believe she still makes millions of dollars just from OF. :hushed:

Any celebrity? male or female?
If you prefer females, the most popular celebrity there is Bella Thorne. She offers a $20 fee monthly.

I’ve searched about this too. Michael B Jordan (the sexiest man alive!!!) is planning to create an OF account. I’m not sure if it’s already active. He just announced lately this year that he wanted to start on the platform because he was planning to give all proceeds towards a barber school. Support him if he’s already active. It will be for a good cause :wink:

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I’m waiting for him too! Didn’t he say when exactly will he start?

I’m also waiting for him on OF. I believe he just announced that he wanted to “use his body for good” last November by signing up on OF. But so far, there are no updates yet.

Maybe he is preparing ‘Murphy’ before he sets up his account. :bearded_person:

Uhhhh so who’s Murphy?

Hey there guys,
Many celebs from around the world are starting to get interested in Only fans, like music artists, film actors, etc so this year definitely more and more will signup, you will say Yeaa that is so cool, but if you look at it from the other point of view this Only fans platform was supposed to be for the little guys, The big guys are already rich and well taken cared of, so this celebs bs is very ugly looking to me, anyway a quick internet search will show you who is whp at the Only fans zoo, Xoxo


You have a point. They already have movies and other shows where they earn lots of money, and now they are also taking over OF.

Apparently, ‘Murphy’ is his mustache. :rofl:

Whut. Weird to name his mustache :joy: Though he looks good with it :man:

I kinda agree with that. Though it would be nice if they use their earning for donation. Like what Michael B. Jordan is planning to do.

I can see what you’re saying. Though we really don’t have a say what they want to do with their life. So if they want to join OF, that’s their choice.

Yeah that would be nice if a portion of their income will go to organizations that needs funds. We don’t know, they might be doing that already. They don’t have to share everything with others and most celebrities don’t show off that their helping others. They do donations while not making a fuss about it.

I just looked at it now and I still can’t see his account. Hasn’t he made it yet? Maybe he changed his mind because of his new girlfriend.

I agree with you. But if that’s what they want to do, then let’s just let them be. It’s their body anyway. Though I am really in for supporting beginner content creators. :fist: :facepunch:

True that. They are not obligated to make donations, though it will definitely be better if they do. And they also don’t need to post about it.