Content making suggestions

Like other posts here, I am also just beginning my journey in OnlyFans so I’m still confused. Can you suggest what is the best content to start making?

There really isn’t a best option for content ideas. It would really depend on what your fans want to see. What do they ask you for? What are you good at? Look at your other online platforms where you posted and it got a good reaction.

But honestly, OnlyFans is most popular for adult content.

It’s best for adult stuff but really depends on you. If you’ve got good feet you can try that or im not sure if OP is m or f, but depends on your best ‘features’ etc

Oh and I mean you don’t have to post adult stuff but most of OnlyFans is. If you wanna do non-adult, sites like Patreon.

Are there other options of content that I can do aside from adult stuff?

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My friend does PT stuff like fitness videos showing people how to do different exercises. He has an amazing body though :joy:

Oh that’s actually a great idea. That can be an option for me. But I don’t have that great of a body even if I do different exercises regularly. :sweat_smile:

What’s the difference between OnlyFans and Patreon? I keep on hearing Patreon from YouTubers.

Patreon has a more wide scope of content that’s posted. I believe Patren doesn’t allow adult stuff on their site. OF mostly caters to adult content.

You can do fitness videos showing different types of workouts. I saw a video on Youtube where a guy is posting videos wearing shorts and it’s obvious he’s not wearing anything underneath that :see_no_evil: So whenever he jumps, “it” also jumps. I followed him because of the exercises he posts but I sometimes get distracted when he jumps. You can do similar content. You can also help other people get into fitness :sweat_smile:

Hmm. I should look for that guy’s content. :thinking: I’m thinking of doing either fitness or dance videos. Although I personally think that I don’t have a perfect body. I have very wide hips and chunky thighs. Still thinking if this type of contents would work for me.

I forgot his username on Youtube. It’s Mr. London I think, if I remember it correctly.

Checked him and you’re right. Most of his subscribers are women and most comments are about his you know. :sweat_smile:

Haha fair play to him! Knows what he’s doing and over a million subscribers or something!!