Continuation of the Tumblr post regarding the promotion

I wrote a post five days ago explaining that I had only recently opened my account and had already had three paying subscribers. Once more, I only upload selfies and fully covered lingerie photographs; I NEVER publish stuff that shows nude content. In addition, I shared pictures of food, makeup, and reposted content I found humorous or interesting in the captions. Here I am, presenting to you the outcomes for the last five days. Considering that I don’t publish daily, this is an ideal outcome for me.

Tumblr, in my opinion, is the ideal platform for promotion when nude photographs are completely unnecessary. Simply be who you are. Be genuine, witty, and share your passions. That is the ultimate promotion secret.

Indeed, Tumblr guys are far kinder and more giving than other platforms who give you as a 0 because you were born with a really attractive face.

So, ladies, give it a try. I won’t publish a link to my Tumblr since some females who subscribed to me have just started to replicate me. They have been reposting my work, putting the same tags, and even copying my photographs and captions.