Did girls who got boob jobs find it simpler to be promoted later on?

Being 35, I always intended to get surgery done before engaging in any sexual activity.

But now that I work in the industry, my desire for one has grown. I’m so sick of being banned from social media for promotions, and my need for cleavage grows every time I see other girls with it. Men would subscribe to see more, it seems like some of you could be reading a dictionary with your tits pushed up :joy:

Did you find that after getting it done, it was simpler to look attractive in everyday clothes? Did your earnings increase? Or did it just give you a little boost in self-confidence :smirk:

Avoid taking a boob job! Trade me, please. I have DDD, and I would completely give it in for an A :two_hearts::pleading_face::joy:, or we could split what I got so that we each had a C cup.

I don’t have them, but every girl I’ve spoken to who does said they were a good investment

Absolutely worth it, girl! I got mine, and I’m hooked. It was like a dream come true. :face_holding_back_tears: I feel so much more confident and proportionate in clothes. The gummy bear implants are highly recommended. A competent physician, however, will advise you to do what is best for your body type and size.

After doing OF for nearly two years, I got mine. It is unquestionably a secret weapon that you should add to your arsenal. I’m not sure if promotion is inherently simpler, but in this industry, I believe that getting promoted is always difficult and requires effort. Being popular does not guarantee going viral. However, it is beneficial. Although it won’t solve all of your issues, it should make you more visually appealing to them. I would admit that after I got my tits, my revenue climbed 100%, but I also had a solid plan and experienced significant virality. Though marketing and tits go hand in hand, you still need to be very good at marketing.