Difference of OF with other sites

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I know someone who posts videos regularly on other adult related sites. I asked her if she joined OnlyFans already since it is kinda same with those other sites but she said she hasn’t yet because she doesn’t see the point since she is already earning some money already posting. So I’m having second thoughts if I should just join her and post on those other sites.

What’s actually the difference between OF and other adult sites? Where can you earn more?

Just following I’m a newbie trying to meet a friend.

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I believe you can earn more when you are on OF. People literally pay you for every video or pic that you post. While on other adult sites, you can view their content even without paying.

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People can earn on adult sites with the advertisements. They can also make money through the webcam “live” shows. It’s also like asking for a special request on OF. They’ll give you tips based on what they will be requesting.

I’ve read about this and OF really helps normal people earn some money. Compared to other adult sites, I think the famous ones are the only one who’s earning.

I’m wondering the same thing. I don’t know their differences.