Do you arrange sex meetings on OnlyFans?

Hi everyone, I’m an 18-year-old student who joined OnlyFans in order to supplement my income outside of school. Since I started OnlyFans about six months ago, it has gone more smoothly than I had anticipated. At first, I wasn’t comfortable answering a wide range of inquiries, but I always managed to find a suitable answer:)

A subscriber asked me a few days ago if I would be willing to meet up with him in person and have sex in exchange for $750. He has been a subscriber for a few months and comes off as a really kind and kind person. He would also cover my lodging and airfare while I was visiting. I’ve never received an offer quite like this before, and I’m not sure how to reply. Since I live alone, I have trouble paying my rent, thus I truly need the money right now. On the other side, I worry that I will regret it greatly.

I fear that at this point, I’m just being incredibly naive and am taking the chance of being mistreated. If I accept this, am I a prostitute? In my shoes, what would you guys do?

Girls disappear in this way. Please refrain from taking this action. It’s obvious that they’re attempting to exploit your age and vulnerability. If your OF is going well, carry on as you are; if not, you can block, ban, or otherwise get rid of the offending party. At all times, your safety must come first!

You should not have any problems blocking this person if your OF is performing effectively; clients will come through!