Do you believe that the economy of the OF are dying out?

To put it another way, the market has become crowded and saturated. Many models exist, but only a small percentage of them can support themselves or make modeling their full-time job. Prices have dropped to an all-time low. There is free “adult” content available everywhere—it’s hardly brand-new, but nevertheless. The industry is overrun with agencies, which has changed its ecosystem. Customers who were looking for connection are beginning to understand that they are speaking with a man in an office and that a girl with 40,000 followers doesn’t have time to talk to everyone. Artificial intelligence (AI)-generated fictional models are proliferating online and enjoying considerable success.
I think we’re going to hit a plateau where it will get increasingly difficult to stand out.

Is this the start of our platforms’ demise? What direction do you believe it will go? Will we need to come up with fresh ideas or find other ways to make money?

I believe that once they understand it’s not easy money, a lot of people will quit doing it.

Indeed, times of stagnation have occurred and will continue to occur, but I am firmly sure that something new will suddenly change the status quo. Specifically, what? Not a fucking idea at all, but I find myself thinking about it when I observe how things are changing, at least in Europe. Perhaps more in the direction of live streaming—think Twitch, but with sexual content. or something that is almost entirely gamified, like a game. Or an extreme version of the GFE, such as virtual escorting. Just expressing my thoughts, sorry!

I agree that there are many creators since everyone believes that money is easy to come by. However, as time goes on and people learn that the market is highly competitive and that not everyone can afford to make money, the myth of cheap money will start to disappear. Many creators suffer simply because they are not widely appealing, making it difficult for them to have a large following. I notice a lot of individuals asking why they don’t have more followers and what they’re doing wrong. Since I don’t want to be critical, I never respond, but the majority of the time the answer is that most people won’t pay to view your content because it doesn’t meet their expectations. However, it’s challenging to tell folks this without coming across as a smug jerk.

Ding, ding, ding.

Even from their early years, the old camming services had a large number of dormant accounts for a reason. When the realization comes on many that this is a real job and not just for fun, the honeymoon phase ends quickly.

“What do you mean guys aren’t just throwing me all their dollars instantly because I happen to be topless and put zero effort into my inconsistent content?!”

This stupid thinking took a serious toll on the foot market.

That is to say. That is typically the case. But at that point, saturation occurs, meaning that more will always arrive, regardless of how many leave.

You’re reading a lot of articles about fictional AI models taking over only fans, but that’s not because they’re a serious competitor—rather, it’s just a really trendy topic right now. The goal of Onlyfans is and has always been to facilitate direct fan connections with creators.