Do you give tippers and purchases a thank you?

I was just curious if it would be awkward to thank them and then strike up a discussion. Seems like a horrible line to cross if I don’t want unwanted attention, but it feels really good from a kindness perspective and simply overall appreciation.

Of course, it’s merely polite to thank them. Many people choose not to talk, and I accept that, but I always say “thank you.”

Certainly… They are more inclined to do it once more; it’s also simply courteous. Sometimes, if I’m not in the mood, I pretend to not see it; if it’s something cheap they just randomly buy, I know it was well worth it. I know they have plenty. You are correct, though; it will start a discussion even just by mentioning, Hey, thanks for buying. I want you to enjoy it ☆.

They are online and looking to spend money clearly at that instant in time.

Funny, that is a difficult one. Though not all, I am going to say yes. For some reason, I noticed folks tipping and then, a few days later, acting like I owed them something. This is a tip. Nothing, IOU. Having said that, I don’t thank everyone. It’s backfired and turned into them believing they paid for my time when nothing was even negotiated.

Definitely yes. Even if they sub and just speak with me, I appreciate their sub :stuck_out_tongue: and find it creates a bond based on gratitude.

Yes, always, even if it’s the bare minimum

Indeed, people want to be more in contact with and feel you, so they find the relationship more personalized.

I thank tippers; if someone buys something, I find out what they liked about it and, should they wish, something similar is made particularly for them.

I want to thank those who buy my content and my tippers. I tip and buy as well; it’s always great to say “Thank you, darling”.

Absolutely yes. Even when they sub and just chat with me I thank them for the sub :stuck_out_tongue: I find it makes for a connection built on appreciation.

Simple answer? Definitely yes!

it doesn’t hurt to say thank you, so yea