Do you guys use pre-written sexting scripts or do you just freestyle it?

Is everything done and planned out in advance? or do you carry it out promptly?

mostly freestyle, but maintain some similarity. depending on the buyer’s choices and areas of interest.

I customize it to fit their interests and/or kinks :heart:

I perform a full freestyle. I want to feel things out because I never know where they’re going to go. I enjoy living in the moment as well. I would feel weird if I were to pretend.

I enjoy sexting so much that I freestyle :smiling_imp:.

Undoubtedly, go freestyle and address their responses. Although some people have found success with scripts, I believe that if you are compensated for the few minutes it takes to respond, why wouldn’t you just freestyle? :grin:

I think freestyle is preferable because I don’t want to seem robotic.

Freestyle catching the wave :smile: