Do you personally subscribe to other creators?

Never sent a PPV. I started about a month ago, and I’d like to know how much PPV costs as well as what kind of message to go along with it. Before taking and sending my out, I’m considering subscribing to a few creators to check their pricing and message. When you first started, did you do that? How did you determine the appropriate pricing for PPC or message? I’m referring to whether your account is a paid subscription. I wasn’t sure if a dollar per minute for PPV was too little or too much.

I created a second fan account early on so that, as a fan, I could subscribe to other authors and see what they were up to, as well as how they were communicating with their followers. Although it was expensive, it was well worth it.

I made an account anonymously and subscribed to ten or so creators in my niche. I obtained a spreadsheet and noted their sub-pricing, posting frequency, content quality, PPV expense, and other details.

I’ll deduct it as a business expense from my taxes. I gained a lot of knowledge from this market study.

That’s precisely what you ought to do!

I implemented this strategy, and a significant number of people joined my page to observe my methods. It is pleasing to see them thinking strategically, and I don’t mind at all.

Make sure to read all of their posts, give them a lot of likes, and if you can, consider leaving them a tip.

One of my new pet peeves is when creators who like none of my posts yet subscribe to my free page (maybe after reading my discussion about it here) then approach me, asking for guidance. LOL.