Effect on relationships

Is it wrong for your partner to have an Onlyfans account? I feel bad because it seems like I’m not supporting my partner when it comes to her dream to have a successful profile in the website.

If you are uncomfortable with sex work, don’t date a sex worker. As simple as that.

My bf and I talked about it before I started my account. It was a long discussion for days. In the end, he decided to support me with what I want to do. He said he is somewhat okay with it as long as he’s the only one still hittin’ it. :rofl:

I believe OnlyFans will be okay as long as they do not cheat.

It depends on how a person defines “cheating.” Others consider subscribing to other people’s profile and watching their videos cheating already. So you really need to define the word with your partner.

It’s not wrong to have an OF account as long as you talk about it beforehand. Hiding having an account will cause more problems in the future. You should compromise or someone in the relationship should adjust.

So define what “cheating” means with the said partner so you’ll know your partner’s limits.

It pays to be honest. Even though it may be uncomfortable, it’s important to have this conversation with your partner. :smiley: