Extra tier for kink #fetish

I do give specific content (shoes, wam, pee, and weird fetishes), but it’s not posted directly on my wall, so I’ve been approached about it a lot lately. teaser videos that are available via direct messages and are up for interpretation. Do you believe that having a kink-friendly tier that they could access instead would be more advantageous? Although I’m aware that many of my present subscribers wouldn’t be interested in this kind of content, I don’t want to pass up the opportunity to enjoy myself and attract new clients. Thanks

Pee should be avoided since it could result in a permanent ban.

Indeed, in my opinion, I have a mid-tier only for nursing. They get access to my lactation content as the only perk. Many of my subscribers opt for that tier.

Yes, definitely include this! Anyone who is interested in this kind of content will definitely reach out to you. You can trust me since I’m a man! I wish you luck!