Fat and faceless. never seems to get traction

After taking a year or so off, I’ve reached the stage where I spend the majority of my time developing my OF and fansly. But I simply can’t seem to find a nice niche that fits me. I’m mixed-race, overweight, and uncomfortable due to my acne. I haven’t encountered any kindness in the alt-chubby goth communities where I haven’t been called derogatory names. What content has gained momentum with my type, or any advice on niches for plump mixed alt girls?

Chubby on its own is a specialty. Regular goth forums are still open for joining; I personally belong to one. Which hobbies do you enjoy? Anal, feet, toys, JOI, masturbation?

Furthermore, the niche that becomes popular isn’t the only factor. It all comes down to being consistent, attempting fresh strategies for things that don’t seem to be working, correctly putting up your profile (mine could use some work), etc.

You own your fat features and the goth/alt niche, in my opinion. You have a wonderful heart and are undoubtedly a lovely person. Your audience will be drawn to you quickly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I can provide you a LIST of the forums I post on. They clearly cater to the chubby niche and the alt-goth community! They also don’t require any verification