Has anyone ever been DM'd by a well-known person?

I received a direct message on Twitter from a well-known pornographic actress who has two million followers. Not that I’m huge or anything, but I only have 30,000 followers on Twitter. Her offer to put me in touch with her “promo manager” seems fishy, but the account appears authentic.

Has anyone else ever encountered something similar?

It’s highly likely that her manager, not her, is reaching out to you. It was strange, but at one time, I received messages from some really prominent girls as well.

Fraud. Management organizations pay these females thousands of dollars for using their accounts to find new girls.

Yes, I encounter them frequently: “You’re very attractive, darling!” Please answer a question for me. or “Baby, I adore your content! May I make a brief inquiry?” In the same vein, and constantly attempting to introduce me to “their management company who’s made me so much money!” :roll_eyes: sadly, a complete scam.

Be cautious, that is a real scam.