Help degrading men?

Normally, I have no trouble talking to men, but I have never done this before. Typically, I’m submissive, but this man wants me to be in charge and make fun of him. What thoughts do you people have? How even should I begin?

Make fun of his penis. Inform him that he isn’t a true man. Present to him an image of what a TRUE man looks like. Let’s say he is feeble. you’re capable of beating him up. Say what a coward he is. The other guys will probably push you around the gym. Women always make fun of you behind your back. You are disgusting. No one should ever be with a loser like that. You’re a loser—you always have been and you always will be. I don’t think you should talk to me. You little bitch, I have a favor to do for you. A weak, pathetic excuse of a man with a tiny dick. OK, that will cost $100. :rofl::rofl: