How can I be less waste ass and be a more ethical OF creator?

Hello. Unfortunately, I started buying costumes and lingerie from Shein. More expensive things are beyond my means. Another issue is that I don’t know how to deal with the lingerie I’ve already worn for a session.

How can I improve while still producing decent content?

When I first started shooting, I used to buy new clothes for each shot, but after just one set a week, I quickly accumulated a sizable collection.

I own roughly forty sets of lingerie and fifteen sexier “street clothes” these days. My prop/costume closet is divided into two sections: recently used and not used recently (arranged according to outfit type and color). I choose a suitable costume from the not used recently section before I begin a session. I hang the clothing in the recently worn area when the photo shoot is over; the most recent item is always hung farthest to the left. I recycle the ten or so rightmost things from the recently worn part back into the not used section when I run out of appropriate clothes in the not used section.

Unpopular opinion: add some hosiery to liven up those ensembles!

You might start marketing more to people who buy tights, panties, and other hosiery. Simply carry on with your regular promotion, but dress in pantyhose and a cute short skirt or dress. You might also add some SAFE hashtags to your Instagram post, such #legsfordays #legsinnylons #collantsaddict #legsintights #legslegslegs, and so forth. In this way, hosiery fetishists can come upon your advertisement.

Then simply record those OF movies while wearing each of your lingerie sets, adding a new pair of underwear each time. As an illustration:

Real or fake blowjob film of you striking “the pose” while sporting black stockings and red underwear and putting your soles distinctly up in the air

Video of a masturbation in pantyhose without a crotch and a cute see-through bra is optionally included in the frame.

Your existing underwear can be transformed into entirely new ensembles; garter belts, stockings, and pantyhose are excellent accessories that will attract the eye of any lover of nylon.