How can I get my amazing girlfriend more followers?

So I have an amazing girlfriend who’s really good looking but she only has around 50 subscribers. She has good content and a great menu.

I purchased the $29 package with Followers but I’m not sure how well that looks.

I’ve also tried to tell her just to promote her OF on her IG, but her IG is private and she doesn’t want to make it public either.

Does the $29 package work well? She only charges $15 per subscriber. I know i can’t get her more subs without getting her tons of followers on her IG and snap which is super hard.

I have a little extra money for people who can help me get her to 200 subscribers without her having to post her links on social media where family members are added. But I don’t want to get scammed so I need proof that your method works. I’m even willing to pay a few established OF models for a shout if they have at least 500 subscribers.

I’m trying to get her to make and promote a modeling IG account for OF promotions and modeling. But she accused me of blwoing smoke and mirrors to get out of helping her. I know i am making her out to be a b***, but she’s honestly really sweet. I do have a track record of not always fufilling my promises. But I’m on thin ice and love her so much that I don’t want to lose her. She’s always been helpful to me and I want to start helping her as well.

So far I’ve:

  • Spammed her link on CL photo/video for sale by owner and general for sale by owner. All got flagged for removal.

  • Posted her link on a couple of porn forums. Didn’t get much attention

  • Made a Tinder and bumble for her with her beacons link posted. Dating sites got taken down

  • Posted in a couple of adult FB groups, got taken down and sent to FB jail.

Her OF username /URL is /PeachyNCreamy420 . Not sure if I can post it here. But if anyone could take a look at her profile and see what they can suggest, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Also, if you’re into super cute girls next door types thst have a wide variety of services at good prices, give her a sub!