How can I keep subscribers interested? 😭

I only have over 200 subscribers because I offer a five-day free trial to every new visitor. I’ve been promoting on Twitter. I spoke with some of the folks using the five-day trial, and I was informed several times that my content is outstanding. I’ve also experimented with offering rewards. But nobody desires to continue being a sub. After spending five days there, everyone departs. No tips have been given to me. Right now, my subscription is $9.99 for a three-month bundle, or 20% less. I charge $1 for five minutes of sexting and $5 or more for bespoke photos. I’ve spent the last two weeks or so on OnlyFans. What’m I doing wrong? :cry:

Hey there! I totally feel you, starting out is tough. You’re already doing awesome stuff. Maybe play around with the price or throw in some cool extras for those who stick around after the trial. Chatting more on Twitter and showing off a bit of what you do can also help. Most importantly, keep asking your followers what they dig and show them you’re all ears. Don’t stress too much, it’ll take some time, but you’ll get there.

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i think making your content unique, and being transparent with your subscribers will lead them to be interested in you.