How come they don't understand the ToS?

They will simply continue to write things that are obviously against the terms of service, so as a creator, you kind of have to be kind and engaging while simultaneously establishing limits and providing clarification.

After that, people will label you as dull, difficult, or whatever the hell.

So damned irritating. All I want is to maintain my account! That’s all, hehe! And no, it doesn’t really help the case at all when you urge me to sell you bodily fluids in a message after asking me about my X name.

I try to be really intelligent about it sometimes, but sometimes they just don’t understand it. To check that, just let me know that you messaged me on X at this moment. No. They must ask ridiculous questions that, if I answered them, would violate ToS. It really is that simple. Alternatively, they can say, “Well, just message me back on X then at last!”… darling…Your name eludes me. I receive a ton of messages. Put your intelligence to use, please.

This is a “Will you please explain to me why I should be fired for believing that you are above the regulations?”

Disclaimers and rules are always the product of dumb people. He establishes the necessity.

Due to a fan’s rudeness in canceling our meeting, I had to impose some restrictions. When I informed him I don’t connect with fans at all, he became irate. That isn’t how this operates, friend. SMH.

Several of the men on OF aren’t exactly the sharpest tools in the shed, as you should already be aware of. In the forest, there exist primates with IQs greater than many of them.

They’re either incredibly naive, which implies they’ll be that way in other situations as well, which is undoubtedly not worth your stress, or they’re doing it on purpose to block you out of personal hatred.