How do I react to a fan who is kind and a big spender but says stuff like this?

“If I ever got the chance, I would love to take you out to dinner,” he said. I never know how to treat people like this :frowning: Please don’t hate me; I know it’s against TOS, but I have no chance because I’m getting married soon, and I wouldn’t meet anyone because it’s risky. However, I don’t want to come out as cruel because I don’t want to lose lovely fans. How should I respond?

“Awe, that’s very lovely, thank you. Unfortunately, talking about this is against TOS, so please don’t bring it up here, baby. I want to keep us both safe and accessible on the internet.” Then, perhaps suggest a customized POV dinner date :kissing_heart:.

“Have a chance” is the signal to turn this into a fantasy custom. You could do a video chatting about your favorite restaurant, cuisine, scene, etc., or an audio video getting ready with lipstick or nails.

Ideal opportunity for an upsell!

It can be challenging to strike a balance for these fans between adhering to the TOS and making more money. The best course of action will be to politely remind the fan that meeting you is against OF’s TOS if he truly starts to press the issue. But this is the ideal time to upsell personalized content and win over fans. It’s obvious the fan likes you and is willing to spend additional money.

When it comes to these people, I try to be a little more approachable. Instead of giving them the pornstar routine, I tell them that I’m pleased to chat with him on a human level and that it’s nice to talk to someone like him. Give him a unique feeling!

If you’re new to the world of online SW, it’s common to feel ethically confused and not want to come across as “mean.” You might even feel as though you don’t want to lead him on? Just keep in mind that people are paying you for a service, which is GFE. Take advantage of that, or someone else will!

“Although that goes against the TOS, I’d still be pleased to roleplay a dinner date with you here! For that service, these are my rates:”

Gold :raised_hands:t2: Hey, it’s your page, so you don’t have to reply to individuals that make you uncomfortable. On OF, I would never really meet someone. You may say, “I’m sorry, but I don’t do meet-ups.”