How do you deal with criticism about your job?

I’d like to know how you people handle the social stigma since I really enjoy this profession but I’m having trouble with it.

Personally, I don’t give a damn about what others think of me or what I do; you have to have thick skin in this line of work. others will criticize you for anything these days; just ignore them because, really, are they concerned about what you or anyone else is doing with your life, your body, or your money? Every time I see someone on Facebook talking badly about OF, I just delete them and carry on with my day without engaging with them or reading their remarks. Take pride in your physique; many people admire and respect what you are doing, so screw the mfs that don’t!

Perhaps I’m simply blessed, irl, not a single person has ever said anything bad about what I do. OF has no bearing whatsoever on your eligibility for work.