How do you deal with negative feedback or trolls on OnlyFans?

tips on how to manage these trolls

Hi there,

I know it sounds cliche but you can just ignore and block them. Just focus on your real followers and promote your account as much as possible. :slight_smile:

After I temporarily made my account free, I received a message from a troll who said that my content was terrible and made highly offensive remarks about my appearance. I simply ignored and blocked him :woman_shrugging:t3: but generally, everyone has been pretty kind; I’ve been doing OF for a little more than a month.

Simply block them and ignore them. Report them if they cross the line and attempt to take down someone’s page.

After using OF for a few months, I haven’t encountered some trolls :joy:. Homeboy made harsh, impolite comments and emojis on several sites. Like, I realize there are trolls on the internet, but… You spent ten dollars trolling my postings; what are you getting out of this? It must be so pleasant to submit crap anonymously and take no chances. I genuinely detest men.

If it don’t make you money - don’t waste time on it. My 2024 mantra.

Easy to get distracted from the important things.

on this line of job you will encounter trolls, bashers, and negative feedback. my tip is don’t mind them, coz they don’t feed you. Know your worth