How do you stay motivated to keep going?

27M creator. I have been doing the femboy thing on my OF for the past two years. Even while the money hasn’t really changed my life, it has been a huge assistance. It has saved me from unexpected costs, helped me get out of some tight spots, and I still have enough money left over to take a respectable holiday once a year. It can be satisfying at times, and I enjoy seeing other people happy.

My enthusiasm has been dwindling lately, and the money hasn’t been enough to sustain it. For me, what I do on OF is not appealing. I have a role to perform. While it’s not “difficult,” there are aspects of that character that are physically taxing for me, in addition to the stress of trying to keep up hundreds of different connections with different subscribers.

Am I the only one who is starting to lose interest in it? At times, the money seems like the total amount I would have to spend out of pocket to get out of this situation. How do you people maintain your optimism and perseverance?

This seems like a natural emotion to experience when you are portraying a role. It would flow more easily and you might not experience this burnout if you weren’t acting. Do you find any parts of it enjoyable? Perhaps pay more attention to those. Or bring more of yourself into it, rekindle your enthusiasm. If not, I don’t see how it’s avoidable if all you want to do is keep going for the money, you know? I hope all goes well for you

To be honest, this is right. During my initial attempt at OF, I assumed the role of an overly adorable and cutesy uwu gamer girl. I initially thought it would be fun because I enjoy cutesy games and being cute. However, this persona was so over the top that I eventually burned out trying to maintain it. Playing games became a pain because they were always uwu and much more “upbeat” than I really am regularly. After a while, I gave up since it was too exhausting (due to other personal reasons too)

Now that I think about it, I’m simply me. No role to fulfill, no need for superfluous cuteness. Though I still enjoy being adorable, my SW no longer has a “egirl” feel to it. The role is now complete. I used to enjoy acting, as do some others, but I find that it’s much more relaxed to just be myself. (Also, accepting one’s hairy side for those who enjoy it, rather than feeling obligated to maintain a clean-shaven appearance, is a great way to prevent burnout from setting in.)

Apart from maybe trying a brief break, I’m not sure what else to advise OP. Perhaps a survey asking how many people wouldn’t mind if you temporarily switched up your motif—perhaps going less femboy and more toward something that genuinely appeals to you? I’m not certain. I agree that acting the part when you’re not having fun will undoubtedly just make you feel worse, so if at all possible, try to shake things up. I wish you luck in re-establishing your rhythm!

You seem to be reaching burnout, yes. Everybody has been there. In the end, this is still work, and it still counts as a job. With the exception of having to manage our own tech department, customer support, marketing team, and content providers. It’s quite a bit!

It makes sense, in my opinion, for you to share older content. Perhaps you might post once a month or so to give yourself a well-earned rest. You have two weeks to relax and do nothing except create content, and then you have two more weeks to start producing and sharing again. That’s what I did, and I felt strange remorse for it. However, to be honest, folks were so fond of some of my older work that they didn’t even notice and even left tips on it. You may discover that your creative juices start flowing again after you’ve given yourself some time to relax.

Unfortunately, when it comes to accomplishing this work, enthusiasm isn’t a trustworthy source to draw from. You’ll love it some days and hate it other days (or weeks…). The good news is that you are free to do as you choose because it is your business. Go ahead and prepare your page so that you can take a break if necessary.

And if I may babble for just five seconds, I think relaxation and recuperation have to be incorporated into our business strategies. We can prevent burnout and be more creative when we are well-rested because we have longer lifespans. Additionally, we earn more money when we are satisfied with our employment.

I also concur with the remarks made by others regarding acting out a character. It’s much easier for me to be myself on my page than to play a character every day. Unbelievably though, a lot of people actually would prefer an authentic you. I’ve had subscribers tell me they like talking to me because I’m simply a regular person.

Anyhow! Kindly look after yourself! I hope you get better soon!