How I got An 11 Time Playboy Playmate To Respond & Shout Me Out

You may or may not feel comfortable or have any idea how to approach someone of status or celebrity… Truth is, long as your hearts and intentions are in the right place, you’ll get a response. Authenticity is the key. When your message comes from a genuine place it shows through. And gratitude for thier acknowledgement. Just be real.

Next, it’s always a good move to have a special promotion for your subscribers to subscribe to thier page already in place, taking note of thier achievements, complementing thier talents, and it’s definitely good to offer a few bonuses for participating… To get more attention… So I offered an all access free trial subscription (two weeks pass) and I offered an extra bonus trial to gift a buddy with a 3 day all access pass… And a free solo of my personal tribute to Pressley (in the adult industry you film yourself getting off to the person of your choice, then send it to them) They just would just DM me to prove they’ve subscribed…

And finally, not only did I subscribe to her page before contacting her, I unlocked several PPVs and tipped her to show love. It wasn’t a lot, but it was enough she took notice!

Hope this helps and anyone can find me on OF @



Wow thanks for the tip!

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Not a problem at all! I’m glad I found this community to share :heart_eyes:

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Very inspiring, thanks for sharing!

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Usually, beginners or newbies don’t have the guts to approach ‘celebrities’ or ‘influencers’ to get a shoutout because of fear that you won’t be answered. Happy for you that you did that and got a response. :grinning:


Thank you truly. I’m grateful and sharing and means of success is a purpose in life I value!


Such an inspiration!


Hey, just a question. I know it’s not related to your post but I want to know what camera do you use in making your content?

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I’m currently working with independent producers who use 4k HD quality cameras and go pros!

Good for you! I first used my phone camera for my videos. 4k HD cameras sure are very detailed

That’s still a bit expensive for me so I am still using my phone. I am currently saving up for a 4k HD quality camera. :camera_flash:

It’s great to invest in something that will surely give you back your money. Great quality content or videos will make your fans happier and will make them more likely to give you tips :dollar: :yen: :moneybag: