How many of you offer customs?

I’ve been offering customs for as long as I’ve been on OF, which is since 2020. While they can occasionally be enjoyable and fine, I feel like they need a lot of mental effort, which makes me avoid checking OF or creating regular OF stuff. That’s kind of part of it, since I suffer from avoidant anxiety, but is this how anyone else feels? I feel that I would still happily fulfill requests from loyal members that I actually like chatting to, but occasionally, when I have a large influx of new users and can’t keep up with their needs, I have to close custom requests. I suppose I’m just babbling now, but subscriptions account for about 90% of my income as well.

I always feel like I should have charged more by the time I finish customs since some people take advantage of my time and energy.

Put a price on it. Even while the price seems absurdly excessive, there comes a point at which you’ll be content to perform customs. I once charged $2000 for a single bespoke 5-minute film even though I didn’t want to do it, but I didn’t mind at all for $2,000.