How to get started on Twitter

Hi there! I work as a nurse. seeking a path upward, a path out, etc.

After ten years of experience, my pay is comparable to that of a Starbucks barista. My debt from school loans won’t go away. I then looked to OnlyFans for assistance.

I made the top 7% in my first month. The issue I have is that, even if the money is excellent, it isn’t worth the risk of my employment because I use my face, and I would be fired before you could say “only fans.”

My goal is to reach the tipping point, where the advantages outweigh the risks. It seems that Reddit is not the right location. I’m not sure where to begin, but everyone suggests checking out Twitter. I don’t want to just start sharing tons of naked photos because I don’t have any followers. I suppose my understanding of Twitter’s operation is lacking.

Is anyone available to assist? I’m also willing to share my success strategies.

Furthermore, I haven’t really tried my hand at modeling and promotion. Even I’m not really clear on how that operates.

Basically, I just need suggestions on how to move up from the top 7 to the top 0! Many thanks!

I’m trying to use Twitter, and I’m following. Additionally, I believed that nurses earned at least $60k annually.

I’ve tried everything, but Twitter is still my worst-performing promotion site. I struggle there too.

Start sharing strange but acceptable content on your social media accounts, and people will come to you, gaining more followers and generating income for you without requiring you to put your career in jeopardy by putting your face in the mix! Additionally, if you haven’t already tried, adding custom content to your profile on this site will earn you biters, which is money without any fees.

On Twitter, I’m finding a lot of success. I recommend investing in a blue checkmark and posting explicit or naked content. To ensure your feed only contains content creators and pages supporting their promotion, search for OF creators on Twitter. You can also check for shoutout accounts that promote flashing, BJs, nudity, and other types of material to see if they will include you or if you have to pay to be featured.