I cry every time I record anything

Although the title may seem dramatic, it is true. I just break down these days when I try to record content for OF, usually after putting it off for as long as possible. Please let me know if you have any suggestions about how to make recording OF material a little bit simpler when you find it difficult to look in the mirror.

I’ve been doing OF for more than two years and battle with mental health issues. I am currently able to live freely exclusively through OF, so please do not tell me to look elsewhere; if I could have, I would have.

I’m not sure if it’s my mental health, my self-image, burnout, or anything else. I’m just having so much trouble with this.

Hello, OP Pineapple Support is an excellent tool for social workers (SWers) to find licensed, swami-friendly therapists and receive financial assistance. Like you, I get anxious when I try to shoot because of recent trauma, but my therapist has been really helpful to me as I heal.

Although I never recommend taking breaks, it seems like you might. I would also strongly advise seeing a therapist. My mental health is a terrible problem of mine, but it’s like wearing a mask when filming.

This is our job to do, but when you’re so down, you can’t give it your all.

Although you stated not to suggest anything else, have you considered taking on a part-time job? You’ll be able to lessen your workload on only fans.