I recently ended things with a sub... AITH

A sub… he’s Anthony; he was my biggest subscriber for a time, bought all of my stuff, and we had a lot of conversations. I find him to be really kind and I do like him as a person.

He kept asking to text off the platform and have in-person meetings, both of which I find unacceptable. After a little period of time, he reappeared and declared that OF was detrimental to his mental health, that he was overspending, and that it was unhealthy for him to pay women to talk to him.

For a few days, we spoke by messaging a bit more. Then, he expressed his hope that everything would be alright and that he would not be purchasing any more content. I mentioned that although I appreciate him as a person, this is my sole job.

In any case, he sent me a “are you there” message today, and I simply apologized but felt that this had reached its end.


You have no control over anyone else’s mental health; if he can’t handle your boundaries at work, he ought to be using dating apps to connect with women. In the end, they are aware of the purpose of the website.

Oh, what did you do to this poor guy :sweat_smile: he grew attached to you then he realised it and backed off :blush: I had this happen to me but the other way around, the creator kept asking me to go and visit her and would get jealous and mad if I didn’t reply back to her quickly enough. It’s pretty uncomfortable and a clean break is the best option. I think you handled it well.