I still don't really know what I'm doing. I'm enjoying myself, though

I’m a male. Full disclosure. I started it about a week ago after several people DM’d me asking me to build one. I post anything I want to share, and I do it for free with paywalled spicy. However, in my first month, I hit 11% and am almost at 300 subscribers. If I get three subs, I’ll receive 10 off that post. I got 11 so far today and 20 yesterday. It’s a numbers game for me. There may be more potential spenders there, the more subscribers there are. Apart from flexing, taking showers, and posting silly things, I’m just curious what else I can post. I use comedy in a lot of my work. Should I simply carry on as I am? Even for the first month, is this good?

Everything you just said sounds fantastic. That first month was excellent. Well done. I am following up with you regarding support.

I adore men who do well at creating thirst traps.

I think that is pretty awesome. How did you market?

Excellent for your first month

Stay consistent, or your first month won’t happen again. Learned that one fast Lol.

That is really impressive! Well done! I wish I had it that simple. Just keep doing whatever it is you are doing. It appears to be effective!

That is incredible! After doing it for a few months, I have very few subscribers. :wink: Go on!