Ideas for content when you don't have a lot of resources to film?

I have no place to film other than a little, white bathroom, no beautiful backdrop, not really any lingerie, and living with family prevents me from doing anything noisy like playing music, live-streaming, or having video chats. As a result, I’m already destined to fail. I’m just attempting to think of some good stuff, but I’m really constrained. I would be grateful for any recommendations. :slight_smile:

Have a look at some voyeuristic content, like a video of you showering.

In case you truly feel the need for new underwear, start by getting some items from Shein. Visit Pinterest to get ideas for your bathroom! At the dollar store, get some contact paper and some greenery. Alternatively, Amazon is selling backdrops for $10. Wishing you luck :purple_heart:

Place a phone beneath your legs and perform intimate fittings. Make a post offering to sell the underwear. Do a “Shop my panty drawer” once or twice a week.

I also make the Saturday shake, which is a quick and simple one. For about 20 to 30 seconds, I shake my nude ass in front of the camera. Alternate your thongs, skirts, or nothing at all, and slightly adjust the camera angle. You may be able to produce a large number of these rather quickly.

Another way to reduce noise is to film yourself masturbating, and then later, in your car, add a JOI voiceover on top of it.

Can you afford to stay at a cheap hotel? Since I don’t have any privacy at home, I shoot that way. If you can book a hotel room every few months, you could record a few weeks’ worth of content that you could schedule and repeat. You may also ask your subs to cover your hotel expenses; some would be pleased to support us in this way.