Im somewhat concerned bout OF career damage

I’m somewhat fresh to the OF field. As a nurse, I am fully committed to advancing my career and will stop at nothing to do so. I’m concerned about how this may affect my career in the future, so I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions or tips on how to handle it. I’m afraid of being a single parent to a teenage girl as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, they are aware; they are merely indifferent. And the cherry on top for them is if you lose your account to make them happy. They are not interested in us at all. Women are expendable to many men, who despise, undermine, and harbor resentment toward them.

“LOL, never going to happen, try requesting something within the TOS & my boundaries,” is a perfectly acceptable response. They get a kick out of making you angry. Feel free to disregard them if they persist. It is preferable to focus on individuals who are respectful and do spend because those kinds of guys typically don’t spend.

Feeding those vampires is a waste of your time and mental energy.

If you intend to advance to a high level in your career, you generally don’t want this to be associated with you. I believe that you would prefer to be faceless and to hide any recognizable scars, tattoos, or birthmarks. Most people don’t like porn, regardless of type. I can’t say from experience, but I imagine it would have an impact on things.

Effectively, you should approach this with the mindset that it will be discovered, people will find out, and it might negatively impact your personal life, your career life, and even your teen’s personal life. Even though none of those scenarios are likely to occur, you must be prepared for the possibility that they will. If any of those scenarios worry you, you should carefully explore your options. There are three times as many stories of people who regret it as there are of onlyfans who have been kind to me and have not had an impact on my career or personal life. Although there are no legal repercussions for onlyfans, you must be willing to accept the chance of long-term ramifications.

I could’ve written this myself. I made the top 9% my first week, but it’s not enough to quit my job. I’m trying to get myself out of debt. I was straightforward with my daughter and told her. I hope no one finds me, but I have put my face out there. I keep thinking great reward requires great risk. Best of luck to you.

Never doubt who you are! Sure, some people will be squandering their time, but only if they don’t advertise and hope that subscribers will find them by magic.

I had no followers when I first started, created my OF and this reddit in December, and now I have both a free and a premium page. Since I do a regular full-time job, I’m performing well enough to earn side income, which was my intention. It is practically required of you to post and promote on this platform every day, even in the event that you receive few upvotes.

Look for the subreddits that don’t require authentication and meet your niche. Respond to comments on your posts, but avoid sending direct messages (DMs). If someone genuinely wants to chat, they will message you through your OF.

Before you promote, create a ton of material and publish it to your OF. People won’t subscribe to a page that offers little to nothing. In order to prove to people that you are human and not a bot, post on your OF every day, even if you don’t have any subscribers!

It’s not going to be easy, but you have to work at it.

I’m a male who is new to OF, and I’m going to go anonymous for the time being, just in case. My career is also very important to me.

Faceless is the best choice because, regrettably, anyone can utilize that feature. When you reveal your face or any trackable tattoos or scars, IA can search the internet for your face and find your profile and images.

I’ve just accepted that it will ultimately come out, and that’s okay with me. I’m not breaking any laws. Before creating any content, I removed every social media account I had and created new ones specifically for my OF. Regarding the locations of my content backups, I also take great care. Although OF isn’t prohibited by law, many employment contracts include morality provisions. All you need to do is be aware, and everything will work out.