Is 17 fans an acceptable amount in two weeks?

I had maybe around 25 paid fans, but several of them have been erased (not sure why). I’m just wondering whether everything is going well. I started from scratch around June 1st, primarily promoting on Reddit because I’m faceless and don’t really know where else to promote as a faceless developer.

Yes, that is fantastic! I guess I had three in my first month… That feels low, but that’s what OF says, haha. It’s typical for users to delete their accounts.

I am also faceless and promote on X, which is extremely successful :two_hearts:.

This is fantastic. Despite having 100 fans, only about 3–4 of them actually interact and rarely purchase content. I’m appreciative of this; I’ll simply keep doing what I’m doing and watch how things work out.

Right now, I only have ten. I’ve been doing it for the past six weeks. Where are you guys getting subs so fast?

It’s impressive that 17 (paying) fans have signed up in just two weeks. I’ve had no paid subscriptions in my four months on OF. But yes, as a creator without a face, it can be challenging for me. Thus, keep doing whatever you’re doing!

Personally, I would be delighted.

That is fantastic! I have five paying subscribers and have been publishing for about a month. Continue the fantastic effort!

Yep! Congratulations; it took me years to get to that starting place.