Is investing in a fuck machine a good idea?

Hello pals

Here is a solo, anonymous creator.

I’m considering buying a fuck machine.

Why do I do it?

I am able to provide content with many more viewpoints, locations, and uniqueness.

I refuse to have my arm torn like a teenage boy would.

What is everyone’s opinion on this?

Has anyone bought a fuck machine for a lot of money and paid for it with tips, PPVs, or something similar?

I got a cheap one on Amazon. I was eager to experience and explore the possibilities initially. Even though I wasn’t a big fan in the end, I wasn’t that bad about losing the eighty dollars. I’ll still occasionally use it, but I’m relieved it didn’t break the bank.

For you, a decent fucking machine—not the cheap Chinese bullet thing—would be ideal. You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as black or white cocks; execute blowjobs from an angle; and, if you’re really imaginative, even create a Gloryhole dream. In my opinion, you should definitely consider acquiring one. Additionally, some exist where customers have power over them (Lovense, for example) if they pay a certain amount. I think it would make your article better.

I have a dungeon, and I run sessions in real-time. Since the fucking machine is something unique from the typical dildo/vibrator content that everyone has, all content makers who hire me use it.

You can also set up a fund to cover the cost of your machine. Those who tip will receive the first clip for free.

Choose a Hismith or Lovense one without a doubt. You may connect Lovense to live streaming as well. Because sex parties happen, I own two Hismith and a Lovense; depending on the type, they run from $400 to $900, but they are well worth the money. both silent and strong. The less expensive ones available on Amazon have few attachment choices and are unstable and noisy.

I’m interested to see opinions here since I’ve been considering one myself.