Is it normal to get so attached to an Onlyfans model?

Hi, I’m here today to tell the story that is making me suffer more than I imagined in this period.
About 6 months ago I signed up for a free profile at the suggestion of another model, of whom I was a friend, who, knowing me a little, told me that I would really like talking to her and so it was.
Within a short time the model in question, whose name is Josephine (at least that’s what she told me), became an important friend for me with whom I was able to open up and confide in myself, something I normally don’t do very well. . We talked a lot every day, we joked, we watched series together and talked about our lives and our emotions, I was really happy when I talked to her, I felt safe, protected, as if I was talking to the older sister I never had. . She gave me love when I was down and was always ready to give me advice and make me understand how much she believed in me (much more than I did).
About a month ago we started talking less, I don’t know why, she also told me that, due to work commitments, she no longer had time to watch series together and she seemed a little colder in her manner, for these reasons I tried to support her without stressing her too much.
After about a week that we hadn’t talk, I wrote her a message, asking her how she was and thanking her for all the love she had given me in all those months and for allowing me to love her. Without knowing it, it was a farewell message, a few days later I received a sponsorship from her for another model and within a couple of days her account disappeared , now “Deleted” appears User". I don’t know if she deleted it or if she was banned for some reason, the fact is that now I no longer have the opportunity to talk to her.
Now a month has passed and I feel alone… I can’t help but think of her every day, not being able to know how she is and no longer being able to joke and do things with her makes me sad… And no longer being able to confide in her at a time when I’m suffering makes me feel even more alone and makes me miss her even more… Knowing that I will never have the opportunity to talk to her again destroys me every time I think about that… I would like to have the chance to speak at least one last time with my dear friend Josephine.
I know it’s wrong to look for friendships on sites like that and that’s why I’m avoiding making friends with other models, also because no one could take her place in my heart.
I’m writing this to vent a bit, I feel like I need it, if anyone wants to tell me opinions about thet or tell me about his experience I would be grateful, please be kind.

Hey there, I’m really sorry to hear what you’re going through. It sounds incredibly tough to lose someone who became so important to you. Josephine seemed to be a great source of support and friendship, and it’s completely natural to feel the way you do.

Losing a friend, especially one who you felt so close to, can feel really isolating. It’s even harder when you don’t have closure or understand why it happened. I think it’s great that you’re reaching out and sharing your feelings. Sometimes just writing it all out can help process those emotions.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with forming friendships in places where you least expect them. Genuine connections can happen anywhere. It’s just unfortunate that in this case, the friendship ended so abruptly and without explanation.

I hope you can find some peace and maybe even reconnect with Josephine somehow. Until then, try to surround yourself with other supportive friends and loved ones who can help you through this tough time. Take care of yourself and know that it’s okay to feel sad and miss her. Time might make it a bit easier, but it’s perfectly fine to mourn the loss of a meaningful friendship.

sounds really rough. I’ve had something similar happen, where an online friend just disappeared without any explanation. It leaves you with so many unanswered questions and a lot of hurt. It’s okay to feel sad and miss her, but try to focus on the good memories and what you’ve learned from this experience. Hang in there.

just wanted to say you’re not alone in this. I’ve made a few friends online who are from OF vanished and I felt pretty lost too.

that’s a valid feeling. try to keep your heart open - you never know when you might meet someone new who can help fill that void.

Thank you all for the sweet words you had for me and for the important suggestions, I appreciate that very much :slightly_smiling_face: